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I have began working with git instead of SVN - I will do updates in git now, and the SVN repository will probably not be used any longer.


Version 0.42.1 released.

  • Put Carriedweight into a class of its own
  • Made SDL stuff easier to replace
  • Fixed a bug in the fadebuttons
  • Many fixes on MacOSX
  • Fixes to storing clouds
  • Fixed a font drawing bug
  • Word-wrap and newline functionality in message panel
  • New event system, less dependant on SDL
  • Fixed reported weight on mouse-item

As you can see, I have meade it "less depeant on SDL", meaning that I work towards making DotG easier to port to other toolkits, such as Allegro or SFML, instead of locking myself to SDL.


I have managed to build DotG using Visual C++ Express now, so now it is built and tested on 3 different platforms - Linux/gcc, MinGW/MSYS and Visual C++. I have also started to use the SVN repository of Sourceforge.


Another new version with minor changes, amongst other - removed my local FindLUA, now using the CMake-packaged one, and converted source fully to UTF-8.


New version with minor fixes uploaded.


0.40.2 has been released. Changelog:

  • Completely implemented pit graphics
  • Floorswitches added
  • Small wallgrate added
  • Drawing smallmap in two stages, fixing problems with levers and similar items.
  • Fixed ItemHandler shutdown not being called under some conditions
  • Initing items in Lua instead of in C++
  • Made ressurrection altar
  • Fixed boost compile time problems
  • renamed init_items.lua to item_helper.lua

0.40 is released.


0.31.4 is released. Minor fixes in this release and the once previous (That's why they arn't listed here.)


0.31 has been released. I have added a win32 binary too - please try it! There has been some rearangement in the sourceforge release system too. A changelog for this release looks like this:

  • Fixed build problem
  • Added configurable delay
  • Fixed configuration system (Now it also checks paths relative to the binary)
  • Made Dungeon folder "automatically" configured and not configurable through the config file.
  • Fixed minor memory leaks (uninitialized variables)
  • Made GLEW-inclusion a compile-time option
  • Made it compilable on MSYS/MinGW
  • Fixed Windows location of config folder

Please try it out and report bugs!


a new release 0.30.3 is availible. This is a small update, just some bugfixes and some other minor stuff.


0.30.2 has been released. This is also a minor bugfix release.


New upload 0.30.1. This is a minor bugfix release. Get it from the download section.


The first SDL version is released! Get it here!


I have gone from Allegro to SDL and OpenGL. Work is being in progress regarding license. (Cleaning up the non-licensed stuff, using only free-licensed data/code/graphics.) Note that this can take some time. Though, I think I will make a new release pretty soon that might be somewhat lacking in features.


Updated the docs section of the site.


Updated the webpage to use PHP instead of pure static HTML, making it much easier to update in a smooth way. Please, bookmark only the http://dotg.sourceforge.net page, since the other ones can be changed without prior notice.

Nothing much more here at this moment.

Gnu GLP v3

sdl powered

debian powered