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This is a game that is meant to become a Dungeon Master clone with additional features and updated graphics. I would guess there is at least some people who have played the original Dungeon Master or its sequels or Eye of the Beholder who knows what I am talking about. So far I have no idea of what the requirements of the computer running it will be but I will get to that. Since it is coded using only portable libraries (SDL and LUA) it is compilable on a wide number of platforms.

As one of the small icons at the bottom of the page tells you, I decided to use SDL instead of Allegro, because now I am using OpenGL, and to be able to use OpenGL with Allegro, currently the only option is to use the add-on library AllegroGL, and that isn't packaged with many linux-distributions at this time. This makes redistribution very hard, and since SDL don't need any additional libraries for OpenGL support (or at least not any that isn't packaged in the major distros), I chose to use that instead.

DotG's sourcecode is released under the GPL (version 3 or later), and I am currently looking for graphics artists that can help providing graphics for DotG that can be released under a similarly open license.

If you have any problems, questions or comments, please email me here, and I will do what I can to help you.


  • OpenGL graphics (640x480 pixels, truecolor)
  • fully functional script engine (using LUA ) making lots
    of stuff fully customizable.
  • Fully Open-Sourced (Released under GPL version 3), and built and tested on Linux using gcc, Windows using MinGW/MSYS and Visual C++, and also MacOSX.

Gnu GLP v3

sdl powered

debian powered