New beginnings:

8th of January 2013

Damnation of the Gods is no longer active. I have decided to put it on ice, but continue with the same stuff in another project - this is intended to be 100% free. While the source will be GPL, I havn't come to any decisions when it comes to the license of the graphics accepted.

The tentative name is freedungeon, and I will post a link here to a project website, when it is finalized.

The reason for this is that I wasn't really satisfied with the naming of DotG, and I havn't done extremely much coding on DotG lately, but now I have some new motivation - and emails from people who has had interest in DotG might have had something to do with it - I am incredibly thankful to all who have shown their interest and appreciation in the project.

This new project will very much be in the same vein, but all code will be (more or less) new - Of course I will re-use some of the DotG code, and I will do my utmost to only accept free artwork - which means I probably will have to do a _whole_ lot myself, which in turn means it won't be graphically pretty.

This won't affect Damnation of the Gods very much - it will be in its state of sleep, like it more or less has been lately. The homepage and source repositories will stay like they has been, but I will encourage people who want to contribute to help with the new project instead.

So - in the end - Don't see this as an ending, but as a new beginning!


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